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Provide exciting plant-based training and development for chefs

Roll out plant-based culinary training through chef colleges, training placements and ongoing professional development.

Rebalancing the plate requires those who develop menus to be familiar with producing delicious, balanced and varied plant-rich dishes. They need to be armed with the skills to use plant foods and understand the sustainability and business cases for why menus need to be rebalanced. 

Comprehensive plant-rich culinary training would equip chefs with knowledge of how to prepare delicious plant-based food and write attractive menu descriptions. What many consider to be traditional British food is often meat and dairy heavy. Innovative training is needed for chefs to be familiar with the potential of plant ingredients so that they can confidently introduce balance into menus, transforming existing favourites and coming up with new ones. 

Cuisines such as Indian and Italian can provide inspiration for exciting plant-rich dishes and ideas. Chefs are uniquely placed to help translate dietary guidelines into flavourful, exciting dishes with mainstream appeal.