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One vital step towards a fair, green and healthy world is eating less meat and more food that’s better for us and the planet. 

Eating Better is a new alliance to help create an eating better food revolution. Find out more...

2. Fair


Eating Better is a fairer way to feed the world, better for animal welfare and can be better for farmers’ livelihoods too.

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3. Green


Eating Better is good for the planet. It’s less wasteful, better for wildlife and can help reduce our impact on the climate and the environment. 

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4. Healthy


Eating Better is good for our health. Eating less meat and more foods that are better for us could help us live longer, happier, healthier lives.

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Eating Better calls for ‘less and better’ in post-Brexit food and agriculture plans

Eating Better calls on DEFRA to integrate a less and better approach to meat and dairy into its post-Brexit plans, and to do more to encourage and reward farmers adopting more sustainable and higher welfare animal farming methods. 



Hubbub challenges men on meat. Will you join?

Eating Better alliance partner Hubbub is launching a series of targeted campaigns to support a mainstream audience to eat more plant-based protein. In this blog Hubbub, Creative Partner – Tessa Tricks explains why this campaign is so important.

DEFRA consults on post-Brexit agriculture

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The Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) has published its strategy on the future of farming, but we think it falls short on the urgent need to shift our food culture towards healthy and sustainable eating. They have launched a ten-week consultation - have your say.

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@JoannaBlythman The report is very clear that the message is less AND better https://t.co/bbKfnHr7nV
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RT @Lets_Eat_Better: @Eating_Better are calling on @DefraGovUK to integrate a less and better approach to meat and dairy into its plans, an…

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