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One vital step towards a fair, green and healthy world is eating less meat and more food that’s better for us and the planet. 

Eating Better is a new alliance to help create an eating better food revolution. Find out more...

2. Fair


Eating Better is a fairer way to feed the world, better for animal welfare and can be better for farmers’ livelihoods too.

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3. Green


Eating Better is good for the planet. It’s less wasteful, better for wildlife and can help reduce our impact on the climate and the environment. 

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4. Healthy


Eating Better is good for our health. Eating less meat and more foods that are better for us could help us live longer, happier, healthier lives.

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We are recruiting!

Are you organised and passionate about food, environment and health? We are recruiting! We have an exciting opportunity to join the team as a Campaign and Office Co-ordinator.

Eating Better welcomes new alliance organisations

Eating Better today announces new alliance organisations: Four Paws, the New Economics Foundation, the RSPCA and RSPCA Assured.

Meat, Dairy and Antibiotic Resistance

As new data is published showing that over 3 million surgeries and cancer treatments may become life threatening without antibiotics. Cóilín Nunan of the Alliance to Save Our Antibiotics explains why the ‘less and better’ approach to meat and dairy consumption is essential.

Eating less meat and dairy is an easy way to reduce your climate change impact

Yesterday, we received the most extensive warning yet on the risks of rising global temperatures. But, there are steps we can take to reduce our contribution, and eating less meat and dairy is the cheapest and easiest way to play our part.

Why less and better meat and dairy is better for nature

Following the publication of Eating Better’s ‘Principles of Eating Meat and Dairy More Sustainably: The Less and Better Approach,’ and the VLOG on the same subject. We asked Harry Greenfield to set out RSPB's stance on how a ‘less and better’ approach to meat and dairy consumption impacts on nature. This is what he had to say.

How to start eating 'less but better' meat and dairy

Are you asking the right questions when shopping? What do the labels on meat really mean? What does organic farming look like in practice? How do we buy 'less and better' meat? Discover more about these meaty issues in our latest video.

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