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One vital step towards a fair, green and healthy world is eating less meat and more food that’s better for us and the planet. 

Eating Better is a new alliance to help create an eating better food revolution. Find out more...

2. Fair


Eating Better is a fairer way to feed the world, better for animal welfare and can be better for farmers’ livelihoods too.

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3. Green


Eating Better is good for the planet. It’s less wasteful, better for wildlife and can help reduce our impact on the climate and the environment. 

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4. Healthy


Eating Better is good for our health. Eating less meat and more foods that are better for us could help us live longer, happier, healthier lives.

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Fantastic support for a 'less and better' meat approach at Extinction and Livestock Conference

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Current demand for meat is unsustainable and we must eat less of it to safeguard the future of life on Earth. A sustainable future will require a range of practical global solutions to rethink both consumption and production.

Exciting new phase for Eating Better

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These are exciting times for Eating Better! We are proud to announce that we are the recipients of new three-year funding from the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation to develop our work to shift the nation’s diets onto more healthy and sustainable pathways.

Why eating grass-fed beef isn’t going to help fight climate change

Cows Grazing by David Baron (CC BY-SA 2.0)

What is the net climate impact of grass-fed ruminants, taking into account all greenhouse gas emissions and removals? The new report Grazed and Confused looks into the evidence.

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We pay for cheap food three times: at the checkout, in tax subsidies + in cost to our health and the environment https://t.co/phhpLiO42A
DEFRA refuses to publish report on impact of Brexit on food prices https://t.co/NoIC12mxKa
RT @RSPBintheEast: #WorldFoodDay is a good reminder we could all eat better - for ourselves, for farmers & for nature. Find out how at http…
RT @IsabelleTKelly: #sustainability on the menu at #ICN2017 - horrible feeling so will plenty of #meat during lunch this week ??‍♀️ #makeco

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