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One vital step towards a fair, green and healthy world is eating less meat and more food that’s better for us and the planet. 

Eating Better is a new alliance to help create an eating better food revolution. Find out more...

2. Fair


Eating Better is a fairer way to feed the world, better for animal welfare and can be better for farmers’ livelihoods too.

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3. Green


Eating Better is good for the planet. It’s less wasteful, better for wildlife and can help reduce our impact on the climate and the environment. 

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4. Healthy


Eating Better is good for our health. Eating less meat and more foods that are better for us could help us live longer, happier, healthier lives.

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New report: How to eat well for a healthy planet

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Eating Better welcomes the publication of the Principles of Healthy & Sustainable Eating Patterns report and says it's time to update UK official healthy eating advice for sustainability.

What’s in a name? Are you a Flexitarian or a Part-Time Carnivore?

If you’re trying to eat less and better meat, how would you describe your dietary choices? You’re not vegetarian, and ‘flexitarian’ can confuse people. Are you a reducetarian? We asked Pete Davis of Part-Time Carnivore to steer a course through the terminology.  Why has he chosen his own description for the way he eats?

Meat-filled sandwiches leave consumers hamstrung for a healthy planet-friendly lunch

Eating Better’s snapshot survey of over 600 sandwiches finds consumers trying to go meat-free at lunchtime will struggle to find a choice of sandwiches that fits the bill.

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Eating Better welcomes new UK Principles of healthy sustainable diets incl to moderate meat consumption. See our blog http://t.co/HkZX8shvDE
We're proud to support #WorldMeatFreeDay on June 15th! Have you pledged yet? Find out more here http://t.co/MtAvzs1I0X @Meat_Free_Day
RT @bittman: Join me for a tweetchat: May 26, 4pm ET. We'll talk about grilling, less-meatarianism, and more. Use #BittmanTopics to follow …
RT @Independent: It's now illegal for French supermarkets to destroy edible food http://t.co/bN7bImdw4y http://t.co/E4bGsaDOic
RT @WRAP_UK: If food thrown away was eaten before it was too late, it would = environmental impact of - 1/4 cars off the road! http://t.co/…

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