Our Work

The organisations of the Eating Better alliance have come together to:

  • Raise awareness of why we need to talk about a shift to more plant-based eating with less and better meat;
  • Build support and lobbying muscle to demonstrate to policy makers, businesses and others who can make a difference that the time is right to incorporate Eating Better’s approach into policies and practices;
  • Stimulate long-term cultural shifts by devising new ways of framing the ‘eat less meat’ message that are compelling and inclusive.

Eating Better is calling for action by governments, the food industry and all those who can make a difference to encourage people to eat a greater variety of plant-based foods and less meat, and to support farming that produces meat in ways that benefit the environment and animal welfare. This ‘less and better’ approach to meat eating can be fairer, greener and healthier for people and the planet. 

Our work focuses on three strands: