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Making an impact for a fair, green, healthy future

Reports | Published  26 February 2018

Take a look at how Eating Better is making a real impact to create a fair, green, healthy future.

The Eating Better alliance is making a real impact to create a fair, green, healthy future.

Our 2016-17 impact report sets out how working with an alliance of over 50 supporting organisations and partner networks we are:

- Influencing policy

- Raising public awareness to develop behaviour change strategies

- Influencing business practices and policies

- Creating a cohesive civil society movement for a better, more sustainable food system

We work with our alliance organisations to share knowledge, jointly influence and amplify communications. This report sets out how we are beginning to see this approach make an impact.

In the future we will continue to assess how we are helping people move towards eating less and better meat and dairy foods and more food that is better for us and the planet.

DOWNLOAD THE REPORT: Eating Better - Impact Report 2016-17

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