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The Biodynamic Association teams up with Eating Better

News | Published  18 April 2019

The Biodynamic Association has joined over 50 organisations accelerating action towards less and better meat and dairy.

The Biodynamic Association has joined over 50 organisations that make up the Eating Better Alliance. In this article the Biodynamic Association tell us more about their biodynamic - organic approach and why ‘less and better’ meat and dairy is better for animals, the environment and farmers.

It’s a sobering thought that nearly 100 years ago, between the Wars, farmers were already worrying about the impact on their soils of the new ‘industrialisation’ of agriculture.

In response in 1924, scientist and philosopher Rudolf Steiner outlined the modern biodynamic-organic alternative. A holistic, ecological, and ethical approach to farming, gardening, food, and nutrition.

Today, the biodynamic ‘Demeter’ food label remains the world’s oldest food certification scheme, with studies showing the stricter biodynamic-organic approach maximises soil restoration, stores more carbon, and encourages a mindful engagement with nature.

That’s why we like to say, ‘you can’t get more organic than biodynamic!’

As well as promoting biodynamic methods, the UK Biodynamic Association’s family of organisations (the Biodynamic Agricultural College; Biodynamic Land Trust; Seed Co-Op; and Biodynamic Certification) offers training for new farmers and gardeners, secures farmland for restoration, preserves open pollinated seeds, and provides Biodynamic and Organic certification services for Defra and Demeter International.

‘We’re proud to be part of the Eating Better alliance, encouraging people to eat less, but better quality meat, from higher welfare sources’ says Gabriel Kaye, Director of the Biodynamic Association.

‘Livestock farmers feel under pressure in relation to the animal welfare debate. Biodynamics is very clear about the vital life giving role of animals on the farm. High welfare livestock systems are a vital part of restoring ecosystems and maintaining soil fertility. So we have to be clear. It’s not farm animals that are the problem, it’s industrial farming practices.’

‘The biodynamic-organic approach is a regenerative agriculture for soil, plants, insects, animals, farmers and community, using composted minerals, medicinal plants and cow manure as microbial, fungal and energetic activators for nature and farm health.’

‘And that leads to healthy farms, healthy food, and healthy people. A more harmonious balance of quality food with less meat, some dairy, and more veg & fruit for greater health and happiness.’

‘When our roots are ecological, ethical, social and spiritual, you can’t go too far wrong with agriculture, care for nature, and the planet.’

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