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Eating Better celebrate 10 years of championing healthy and sustainable diets

News | Published  1 July 2024

Through an ever-changing political landscape, global pandemics and groundbreaking climate agreements, Eating Better has been bringing together civil society to work towards a healthier and more sustainable food system for all.

Founded in 2013 with 25 members, Eating Better was set up to address the thorniest issue in food. Meat. How do we stay within planetary boundaries, ensure healthy sustainable diets, and protect animal welfare? Since our founding we have matured into a model of cross-sectoral collaboration. We have grown by 156% and now consist of 65 civil society organisations - from the environment, health, animal welfare, farming, public health and social justice sectors.

For 10 years we have enhanced and amplified our members’ positions on how we produce and consume food. We have built consensus and developed practical approaches to engage policy makers, food businesses, health professionals, and civil society.

This new resource showcases this decade of collaboration and looks ahead to actioning change.

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