Food Security: MPs discuss less and better meat

Government and farming must do more to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from agriculture says the parliamentary Environment Food & Rural Affairs Committee.

Eating Better is one year old!

By : Sue Dibb
Jul 1, 2014
Help us celebrate our first annivarsary and learn more about our plans for the future.
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Changing what we eat

Government leadership and substantial investment in research are needed to shift global consumption habits towards eating patterns that are both healthy and sustainable say academics, industry and NGOs representatives in a new report from the Food Climate Research Network.

Our messages to policy makers

By : Eating Better
Jun 3, 2014
Eating Better launches its policy recommendations for promoting healthy sustainable diets.  Find out more and download our briefing.
Food for Life Partnership

Eating better with Food for Life

Almost 170 million Food for Life Catering Mark meals are served each year across the UK. Rob Percival shows how the Food for Life Partnership is driving positive behaviour change by inspiring children and communities to choose to eat foods that are healthy for them, and for the planet.

What is a sustainable healthy diet?

What is a sustainable healthy diet?

The need for our eating habits to shift to diets that are healthier for us and for the planet is clear.  A new paper from the Food Climate Research Network helps define what sustainable healthy diets look like in practice.

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Eat Well and Waste Less

By : Emma Marsh
May 2, 2014

This month and next Love Food Hate Waste invites us to eat well by wasting less, and save money too. Emma Marsh shares her tips.


School children eating

Good Food on the Public Plate

Taxpayers spend £2.1bn every year on food and catering in schools, hospitals, government departments, prisons and the armed forces.  We should be ensuring that our money provides healthy and sustainable food, writes Eating Better’s Sue Dibb.

Pete Richie, Nourish Scotland

Meat: Less and Better?

Pete Richie of Nourish Scotland explores what planet-friendly meat consumption could look like in Scotland.

Eat Smart

How to Eat Smart

Eat Smart is a new self-help guide from Friends of the Earth to promote healthier, sustainable diets locally in communities, institutions and at work writes Unkha Banda.

Duncan Williamson and his chickens

My grandfather raised chickens

Chicken is portrayed as the healthy virtuous meat – but is it and should we be eating so much? asks Duncan Williamson. Embracing variety in our diets would enliven our pallets and plates and give the chickens a better time too.

Philip Lymbery

From Farmageddon to Eating Better

Philip Lymbery describes the journey that inspired him to write Farmageddon and his vision for a better future for people, animals and the planet.


Meat Atlas

An Atlas of Meat

Everything you need to know about meat in one great publication writes Vicki Hird. With facts and figures about the animals we eat, it's essential reading for 2014.

A meal which helps wildlife

By : Lucy Bjorck
Jan 16, 2014
Most types of farms in the UK can, if managed sympathetically, provide a home for nature alongside food production. Though there are some low-intensity farming systems that are particularly valuable. Lucy Bjorck of the RSPB explains the benefits of High Nature Value farming.

Looking forward looking back

By : Sue Dibb
Jan 9, 2014

As we welcome in 2014 Sue Dibb looks ahead to Eating Better’s plans and reflects on 2013, the year that talking about meat consumption started to move mainstream.

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