9th Annual BioFuels Science and Sustainability Tour

Making animal feed fit for the future

The new The Feed Behind Our Food report from Forum for the Future's Protein Challenge 2040 shows why retailers and foodservice need to care about what livestock is fed.

Pomegranate carrots

A delicious and more sustainable festive table

Christmas is a time for celebration, with family, friends and great food. Give your festive food a makeover with our Eating Better tips for enjoying a more sustainable celebration.

Fruit smoothie making

Eat Well and Waste Less

By : Emma Marsh
May 2, 2014

This month and next Love Food Hate Waste invites us to eat well by wasting less, and save money too. Emma Marsh shares her tips.


Meat Atlas

An Atlas of Meat

Everything you need to know about meat in one great publication writes Vicki Hird. With facts and figures about the animals we eat, it's essential reading for 2014.

Illustration by Glen Lowry

Changing the global food narrative

The dominant story about the future of the world food supply is logical, well known and wrong, writes Dr Jonathan Foley.

The Pig Idea logo

Let's stop pigging out!

If we truly want to change the way we think about meat we must first address the way in which our animals are fed says guest contributor Edd Colbert of the Pig Idea campaign.
Peter Stevenson

Feeding nine billion: how much extra food do we need to produce?

By : Peter Stevenson
Jun 13, 2013

Experts regularly argue that, to feed the anticipated world population in 2050 of nine billion, food production must increase by 60%-70% or more.  And on the basis of these figures we are told that further intensification of agricultural production is essential.

But are these figures accurate?  Do we really need to produce so much extra food? asks Peter Stevenson of Compassion in World Farming.

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