9th Annual BioFuels Science and Sustainability Tour

Making animal feed fit for the future

The new The Feed Behind Our Food report from Forum for the Future's Protein Challenge 2040 shows why retailers and foodservice need to care about what livestock is fed.

Image: Pinke (CC BY-NC 2.0) bit.ly/1Tl1XlL

How I tweaked my diet to cut its environmental footprint in half

We know that changing the way we eat is essential for a fair, green, healthy future. Richard Waite of the World Resources Institute shows how small and practical diet changes can make a big difference to sustainability.

Plenty: Food, farming and health in a new Scotland

Ahead of next month's parliamentary elections, Bella Crowe of the Scottish Food Coalition says a transformation of Scotland’s Food Policy is urgently needed. 

Calling on policy makers to step up to the plate

Changing the way we eat is key to preventing dangerous climate change and meeting the commitments of the Paris Agreement. With the launch of our policy recommendations we call on governments to take urgent action on the meat in our diets, for the sake of our health and the planet.

Changing climate, changing diets

Reducing meat consumption is critical to achieving global climate goal says new Chatham House report that urges governments to do more to change diets.

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New report: How to eat well for a healthy planet

Eating Better welcomes the publication of the Principles of Healthy & Sustainable Eating Patterns report and says it's time to update UK official healthy eating advice for sustainability.

It's official: eating less meat is necessary to prevent dangerous climate change

A new Government report says urgent action to cut emissions is needed at this year’s Climate Change negotiations. 

EFRA Committee report ‘disappointingly weak’

MPs say more must be done to help people make healthier and more sustainable food choices but then fall short on recommendations. Read our comments.

Live longer? Save the planet? Better diet could nail both

New research from the University of Minnesota shows healthier food choices could dramatically decrease environmental costs of agriculture

Faith and food

Following the launch of the book, Faith in Food, Joyce D’Silva asks, how can religious beliefs and food choices be reconciled with humane and sustainable farming and food systems?

Food Security: MPs discuss less and better meat

Government and farming must do more to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from agriculture says the parliamentary Environment Food & Rural Affairs Committee.
Philip Lymbery

From Farmageddon to Eating Better

Philip Lymbery describes the journey that inspired him to write Farmageddon and his vision for a better future for people, animals and the planet.


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