Big voices support less and better meat

By : Eating Better
May 16, 2017

Former US President Barrack Obama and London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, back less and better meat.

Lower-meat diet recommended for the US

For the first time, the expert scientific committee that advises the US government on healthy eating has included environmental considerations and recommended sustainable diets with less meat and more plant-based foods. Eating Better says it's time to update UK Dietary Guidelines.
Foodservice operators can offer more plant-based dining

Compass Group commits to more sustainable menus

Compass Group, the world’s largest contract foodservice company has committed to greater sustainability across its catering in the United States, including reducing meat on menus.

Cattle feed

Cows, cars and climate change

Globally greenhouse gas emissions from livestock are as large as emissions from transport.  Shouldn’t we be doing more to make our diets - as well as our cars - more climate-smart asks Tim Benton?

Live longer? Save the planet? Better diet could nail both

New research from the University of Minnesota shows healthier food choices could dramatically decrease environmental costs of agriculture
Olga Kikou

Trading away meat standards?

The TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) trade deal between the EU and the US is taking place behind closed doors.  Olga Kikou asks whether the focus on trade will sidestep other important considerations for livestock production including food safety, labelling, animal welfare and the future of small farms?

Illustration by Glen Lowry

Changing the global food narrative

The dominant story about the future of the world food supply is logical, well known and wrong, writes Dr Jonathan Foley.

Calories delivered per calories produced

Halving world consumption of grain-fed meat could feed two billion more people

Watch the video from Emily Cassidy, lead author of the study and environmental scientist at the University of Minnesota, United States.

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