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Make ‘less and better’ your New Year’s Resolution

This January Eating Better is encouraging everyone to enjoy tasty, affordable and healthy meals by incorporating more plant-based foods and less meat into their daily dinners.

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Buying better meat for animal welfare

Talulah Gaunt of Compassion in World Farming explains how to choose ‘better’ for animal welfare.

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Top ten cookbooks for eating better

Sometimes we all need some inspiration and a little guidance on how to eat better. With Christmas gifts in mind, we share our top 10 cookbooks for delicious plant-based eating with less and better meat.

Eating Better supports World Meat Free Day

Take one small step for our planet, and go meat-free on Monday 15th June

Eating Better is supporting World Meat Free Day on Monday 15th June to raise awareness of the benefits of eating less meat with a simple pledge which could have a big positive impact on the planet.

What’s in a name? Are you a Flexitarian or a Part-Time Carnivore?

If you’re trying to eat less and better meat, how would you describe your dietary choices? You’re not vegetarian, and ‘flexitarian’ can confuse people. Are you a reducetarian? We asked Pete Davis of Part-Time Carnivore to steer a course through the terminology.  Why has he chosen his own description for the way he eats?

Meat-filled sandwiches leave consumers hamstrung for a healthy planet-friendly lunch

Eating Better’s snapshot survey of over 600 sandwiches finds consumers trying to go meat-free at lunchtime will struggle to find a choice of sandwiches that fits the bill.

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