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By : Eating Better
Jun 3, 2014

Eating Better has launched its policy recommendations to promote healthy sustainable diets. We are calling on policy makers in the UK, devolved administrations and EU to:

  • Publish and promote new official guidelines on healthy sustainable diets that include advice on eating less and better meat;
  • Introduce clear and mandatory procurement standards for sustainable healthy food for schools, hospitals, government departments, prisons etc;
  • Support and encourage farming that produces meat in ways that benefit the environment, health and animal welfare and provides a fair return for farmers.
  • Ensure that Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) reform delivers a European Healthy Sustainable Food & Farming Policy.

Vicki Hird of Friends of the Earth and Chair of Eating Better says: ‘The positive responses we’ve received to the launch of Eating Better show that the time is right for governments to take action to help people move towards eating less and better meat as part of a shift towards eating that is better for our health as well as the planet.  As our YouGov survey results show, the public are increasingly aware and interested in eating less and better meat and there are business opportunities for food companies and farmers.’

As evidence continues to mount of the importance of sustainable diets to help feed the world fairly and healthily, Eating Better is calling on governments to ensure policy to address food security focuses as much on food consumption as it does on production.  It is also essential that policy better integrates health, environment and farming policies and research.

In helping people, farmers and food companies make the shift, Eating Better says there is a key role for governments to think about all the levers, incentives and nudges to help create the cultural and economic shifts necessary to make our food system fairer, greener and healthier. 

Eating Better is calling on governments, the food industry and all those who can make a difference to help people move towards eating less and better meat and more plant based foods.  Our policy recommendations have been produced in consultation with our 39 supporting organisations and partner networks. 

Download Eating Better’s Policy Briefing here.


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