Are you vegcurious?

Eating Better launches new campaign aimed at encouraging men to explore their vegcurious side.

We’re really excited to be launching our Are you #vegcurious? campaign aimed at younger men. We’ve teamed up with the marketing industry’s Do It Day initiative and our Eating Better partners, Hubbub and the World Resources Institute. We’ve worked to create a new way of talking about eating less meat, through fun and positive messages and a set of adverts to inspire a new generation of men to explore their vegcuriosity at and share via the hashtag #vegcurious.

Celebrated chef Bruno Loubet has contributed his support and recipes and we'll be running ads on space donated by Scottish TV, digital ad screens across London (Piccadilly Circus and beyond!) and Glasgow, as well as The Guardian.

Putting veg centre stage is my philosophy, so I am keen to support the #vegcurious campaign," says Bruno Loubet. "For me vegetables are not an uninspiring side dish, they are always the beginning of the story; I start there and the dish evolves. Eating more veg and less meat is not only a healthier, tastier way to live but also the most sustainable, so it’s win-win.

We’re delighted to be working with the marketing and advertising industry to create this innovative campaign to raise awareness and help encourage men to be vegcurious,” says Sue Dibb from the Eating Better alliance. “We selected the winning idea from the marketing experts competing for Do It Day because it turned what could be a nagging campaign about eating less meat into a fun and positive message to inspire a new generation of men to be more daring by actively exploring their more vegcurious side.”

Behind the humorous approach of #vegcurious is a serious message. Research has shown that shifting more people away from meat heavy diets toward those rich in vegetables and plant-based foods would ease pressure on the environment and climate change as well as benefit health. The creative team behind the campaign also drew on research by the environmental charity Hubbub, who supported Do It Day activities, and the University of Southampton that many men consider vegetarian food ‘less manly’. Typical comments for the men that took part in the research included:

“The more meat you eat, the more masculine you're going to be. That's how people feel.” 

“No one wants to be the guy in the pub ordering the vege-burger.”

#vegcurious is designed to engage young men in particular as they are more open to taking care of themselves and less susceptible to peer pressure to be ‘macho’.

 “Changing our behavior is never easy but the beauty of #vegcurious is that it is not about, saying don’t eat meat. Rather it is a great opportunity to showcase the wondrous world of vegetables, a world many young men may have dismissed as boring or simply ‘not for them’.  Changing the language around sustainable, plant-based foods is a powerful way to engage eaters of every persuasion,” says Daniel Vennard, Director of WRI’s Better Buying Lab and an advisor to the #vegcurious campaign.


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