By : Eating Better
Jul 2, 2018
Category :Meat consumption Health 

Eating Better, alliance supporter, Hubbub, follow up with a group of male gym goers in this video. They have been challenged to half the amount of meat in their diets by exploring more plant based protein sources. See how they get on with #MeatYourMatch!

Protein is an essential part of our diets, but at the moment we are consuming twice the amount of protein we need and most of that is coming from meat. While less meaty diets are good for our health and the environment, for a lot of people switching to a meat light diet can be a challenge, especially for men who are statistically less likely to make the switch.

In March this year, Hubbub went to investigate men, meat and the protein myth and a Hubbub trial called #MeatYourMatch that was challenging gym buffs in Swindon to halve the amount of meat they eat. Three months on they went to meet the guys who took part in the challenge and find out how they found it and if they have any top tips for reducing the amount of meat we eat.

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