Developing strategies for behaviour change

Eating Better is working to shift our food culture towards eating more plants and smaller quantities of 'better' meat. It’s a message with increasing resonance, particularly among young people who are embracing flexitarianism. But the challenge is how to engage people beyond those who are already aware.

To understand how to catalyse this transition, we commissioned a literature review of the evidence. Our report Let’s Talk About Meat: Changing dietary behaviour for the 21st Century identifies 10 ways to motivate behaviour change towards less and better meat eating. It makes a number of recommendations for governments, health bodies, businesses, researchers and civil society organisations, including further research and practical initiatives.

In autumn 2015 we brought together behaviour change experts and practitioners to learn from our Let’s Talk About Meat research and the experiences of other behaviour change campaigns. Raising awareness is an important first step, but it is not enough. We know that to help people make changes, we need to make it easy, affordable, convenient and the norm – for example what their friends and family do.