Tim Burns

An eating better challenge for Tesco

Tim Burns of Waste Watch reports on the latest food waste figures and why efforts to cut waste need to go beyond information campaigns to include less and better eating.

Vegetables on market stall

Food, health, carbon and taxes

By : Adam Briggs
Nov 5, 2013

Are lower carbon diets healthier?  Adam Briggs of the University of Oxford explains new research to model the effects of taxing GHG intensive foods.

Meat eating

New survey shows support for Eating Better messages

A quarter of the British public say they have cut back on meat eating in a YouGov survey for Eating Better published today.  Even more are willing to consider eating less in the future and paying more for ‘better’ meat. 

Pigs in field

Meat - a looming antibiotic crisis?

By : Rebecca St Clair
Oct 28, 2013

Nearly half of all antibiotics produced in the world are consumed by farm animals. Rebecca St Clair reports on growing concerns about antibiotic resistance and the need for more responsible use of antibiotics in intensive farming.

World Food Day image

Today is World Food Day

By : Eating Better
Oct 16, 2013
With the spotlight on feeding a growing, hungrier world, it is time to rethink our food systems to integrate nutritional health and environmental sustainability.
Food Ethics magazine Policy on a Plate

A manifesto for sustainable eating

Policies to shift our eating patterns towards less and better meat eating and more sustainable plant-based diets must be at the heart of an ethical food manifesto, writes Eating Better's Sue Dibb for Food Ethics magazine

Tackling Climate Change Through Livestock

Eating Better responds to new FAO Livestock report

'It is vital that the FAO now also investigates reduced consumption of livestock products..' read our full comment.
Calories delivered per calories produced

Halving world consumption of grain-fed meat could feed two billion more people

Watch the video from Emily Cassidy, lead author of the study and environmental scientist at the University of Minnesota, United States.
Pulse bookcover

Less meat, more pulses

By : Jenny Chandler
Sep 12, 2013
Think beans are boring? Not anymore. Jenny Chandler's new book, Pulse, published today will tempt meat eaters and vegetarians alike.  Here Jenny shares her passion with Eating Better.
Planet Carnivore book cover

The true costs of cheap meat

The horsemeat scandal inspired Alex Renton to take a closer look at the true costs of cheap meat.  His new book, Planet Carnivore, explores some of the recipes for being a better meat eater.



Food growing

European Commission wants your views on sustainable food

Eating Better welcomes the European Commission's public consultation on sustainable food consumption. Find out how to make your voice heard.


Professor Tim Lang

Lab-bred meat: the questions

By : Professor Tim Lang
Aug 16, 2013
The launch of the lab-bred “meat” was a masterly act of timing, theatre, and media management. But now, writes Professor Tim Lang, there are questions that need to be asked, and answers that policy makers need to find.
The Pig Idea logo

Let's stop pigging out!

If we truly want to change the way we think about meat we must first address the way in which our animals are fed says guest contributor Edd Colbert of the Pig Idea campaign.
Organic vegetables

Eating Better welcomes new healthy sustainable diet advice

The Sustainable Consumption report of Defra's Green Food Project is published today.  Read why we now need to see action and leadership from Government to endorse the guidelines and implement the report's conclusions. 

Kremlin Wickramasinghe

School food plan helps waistlines, hinders the planet

The School Food Plan for England misses one of the most important issues of the 21st century: how to feed a large part of the population while lowering our emissions profile writes Kremlin Wickramasinghe of Oxford University.

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